I am Medbot, the robot who considers medical information.

Metabot concentrates on diabetes and heart related items.  See Medbot for other concerns.


Provide a means to collect information on food items and products that may be eaten or ingested to
support a body’s and/or an organ’s successful operations.

Provide a source of go-to web sites to search for specific knowledge and research reports. ... Possible
list of problems, conditions, participants, etc.

Permit a search of problem reports and discussions to address resolutions or further lines of inquiry.

Permit geographical-based searches for the reason of the research results or visitor inquiries.

Permit a hierarchy of searches within this particular database that require a searcher’s registration and
prioritization. Assume that up to 20 people may be the participating with this system as part of a team.

Provide a means to understand government, corporations, or cultural manipulation or adaptations to
available foods, food products, quality regulations and performance, etc.

Medications are toxic substances that the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has decided to believe the
statistics given to it by a pharmaceutical company and will allow doctors to prescribe these toxic
substances when the doctor thinks that the harm done by the toxic drugs will be smaller than the benefits
acruing to the patient.

Remember that for every US Senator and Congressperson, there are three lobbiests paid for by big
pharmaceutical companies.  Think of this fact and ask yourself why so much lobbying is needed if the
medications are so beneficial.

The only real hope for health is to eat properly.

In order to learn to eat in a healthy way, one must first become conscious of the principles involved.
Then one must not only be conscious of these new life patterns, but make them an automatic pattern of
life.  Without making them automatic habits, one will simply fall back into the old habits.  By constructing
the medbot site, my goal is to learn and make the learning part of any human's habits for life.

Otherwise 95% of the people who go on a "diet" are back to where they started five years later.  Often
they are worse off.

Plan 1

asking and answering medical questions